My research

My major interest is in developing computational tools & resources to facilitate and speed up biological and medical discoveries using bioinformatic systems combined with data modeling and machine learning. Emphasis is on the inference of new information not explicitly present in biological data, development of systems with such capabilities on HPC and cloud computing systems, and their industrial applications.

Related to this I engage as necessary in problems of information integration; automated knowledge-, text- and data-mining; use of machine learning in biomedicine; development of bioinformatics tools & resources; biomarkers (screening, diagnosis, prognosis); drug repositioning; regulation of processes in cell; systems biology; metagenomics; bioinformatic platforms for synthetic biology and biotechnology; microbial cell factories.

Specialization: Biomedical knowledge-, text- & data-mining; drug repositioning; diagnostic, screening & prognostic biomarkers; information integration; function inference of ncRNA and coding transcripts; metagenomics; transcriptomics; regulation

You can find more information about me at my publications page.